Simulating Liquids on Dynamically Warping Grids

Hikaru Ibayashi

University of Southern California

Chris Wojtan

IST Austria

Nils Thuerey

TU M√ľnchen

Takeo Igarashi

University of Tokyo

Ryoichi Ando

National Institute of Informatics

Abstract:  We introduce dynamically warping grids for adaptive liquid simulation. Our primary contributions are a strategy for dynamically deforming regular grids over the course of a simulation and a method for efficiently utilizing these deforming grids for liquid simulation. Prior work has shown that unstructured grids are very effective for adaptive fluid simulations. However, unstructured grids often lead to complicated implementations and a poor cache hit rate due to inconsistent memory access. Regular grids, on the other hand, provide a fast, fixed memory access pattern and straightforward implementation. Our method combines the advantages of both: we leverage the simplicity of regular grids while still achieving practical and controllable spatial adaptivity. We demonstrate that our method enables adaptive simulations that are fast, flexible, and robust to null-space issues. At the same time, our method is simple to implement and takes advantage of existing highly-tuned algorithms.

Hikaru Ibayashi, Nils Thuerey, Chris Wojtan, Takeo Igarashi and Ryoichi Ando.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) 2018