CSCI 567


CSCI-567 Projects (Fall 2008)


Paper Due on Dec 2, 2008 at beginning of class (email + hardcopy)
Should be 6-8 pages long
Must include references to relevant work
Use style from a public ML-type conference such as ICML, KDD, IJCAI, AAAI, NIPS, ICDM, etc.
Write as though you are submitting the paper to the conference
Presentation Length: 15 minutes for 1 and 2 person groups
Length: 20 minutes for 3 person groups
Only questions of clarifications allowed.
Presentation can be done by one or all of the group members
SLIDES DUE ON PRESENTATION DAY. Mail them (PPT or PDF) to Sofus before noon on that day.
DAY OF PRESENTATION: If you have more than one person in the group, then provide a sheet detailing who worked on what (with respect to the paper, research and presentation). This should be signed by all members when you turn it in.
Grade breakdown
  • 5% attendance.
  • 20% presentation.
  • 25% paper writing quality: Clarity of writing, is problem well explained and motivated, is relevant work identified and cited properly, are results clearly presented. Can a reader understand it well enough to replicate your results.
  • 50% research.


GroupPresentation Date + TimeDescription
Megha Jain, Atul Kumar Dec 2, 3:30 PM Text Classification of news articles
Prashant Khanduri, Pradeep Vaghela Dec 2, 3:45 PM Email Classification on Enron Dataset
Sang Su Lee Dec 2, 4:00 PM Favorite photos prediction from Flickr 
Zubia Jamail, Furgan Khan Dec 2, 4:15 PM Video Action Recognition using Low-Level Features
Ramsey Beaini, Arun Poruri, Sanjay Purushotham Dec 2, 4:30 PM Video Surveillance Using ML Algorithms
BREAK Dec 2, 4:50 PM BREAK
Dian Gong, Derya Ozkan Dec 2, 5:00 PM Learning Methods for Face Recognition in News Photos
Zhenzhen Gao, Wei Guan, Tanasai Sucontphunt Dec 2, 5:15 PM 3D Face Texture Generation Inference from Face Geometry
Stephen tratz, Dirk Hovy Dec 2, 5:35 PM Learning Proposition Disambiguation (NLP)
Shuping Liu, Thomas Lubitz Dec 4, 3:30 PM Sensor Network Health Monitoring of Human Patients
Abijit Bej, Anand Kishore, Sudheer Ramoji Dec 4, 3:45 PM Movie Recommendation (NetFlix)
Tushar Gajera, Jikku John Dec 4, 4:05 PM Movie Recommendation System (NetFlix)
Yu-Hao Chang, Wan-Ting Chen, Qunzhi Zhou Dec 4, 4:20 PM Handwriting Recognition Using ML Approaches
Lin Quan, Lingyan Sheng, Lokendra Uppuluri Dec 4, 4:40 PM Using ML on gene expression data
BREAK Dec 4, 5:00 PM BREAK
Donald Allen Dec 4, 5:05 PM predict vote from navigation behavior
Prithviraj Banerjee, Anustup Choudhury Dec 4, 5:20 PM Object Category Recognition in Images
Larry Hignight, Anand Raman, John Battista, Abhishek Sharma Dec 4, 5:35 PM Poker Player
Q & A for final Dec 4, 6:00 PM Q & A for final