KNOWME Network

Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) constitute a new class of wireless sensor networks that enable diverse applications in healthcare, entertainment, sports, military and emergency situations. A WBAN typically comprises of few biometric sensors (e.g. accelerometers, electrocardiographs), which measure vital signs such as heart-rate, oxygen levels, etc, and an energy-constrained personal device (e.g. cellphone, PDA). The KNOWME network is a prototype WBAN that integrates off-the-shelf sensors with a Nokia N95 mobile (see Figure 1 below) to continuously monitor and analyze the biometric signals of an individual, targeting obesity-related applications. It is the outcome of a multiyear collaboration between Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Preventive Health researchers at the University of Southern California.

Practical realization of WBANs faces a number of unique challenges. Among these, the KNOWME network team has focused on 4 main research thrusts:

  • System architecure: develop solutions to ensure efficient operation, system viability and application stability.
  • Multimodal physical activity recognition: develop intelligent feature extraction and selection techniques and design accurate classifiers.
  • Energy efficient sensor selection: design communication strategies to enable energy-efficient operation with acceptable detection accuracy.
  • Energy expenditure estimator design: design estimators to determine energy expenditure of individuals.

This website summarizes the research efforts of Dr. Urbashi Mitra's research group (Dr. Marco Levorato, Dr. Gautam Thatte, Dr. Urbashi Mitra, Daphney-Stavroula Zois). Here, you will find our publications on the problem of energy efficient sensor selection, which is an instance of the active hypothesis testing problem for time-varying processes, and the problems related to the other three research thrusts.

Figure 1: KNOWME network schematic.


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