Escape from the FIRE!


This is an emergency fire escape game. The game is located in a hostipal on fire. The player starts from a locked room and needs to grab the key to open the door. There are also some other items inside the hospital, the player needs to grab all items to escape from the hospital within certain amount of time.

Why fire escape

The game simulates the fire as real as possible. By playing this game, the player gains exprience about how to survive from a fire.

How we design the game

We want our player to start from a room with the door locked and a key inside. The player needs to find the key to go outside(The door will open automatically when the player grabbed the key, the key will disappear after it is grabbed). There will two other objects: medicine and medical record. So there will be two other rooms(one for each item) with the doors open. The player needs to go inside to grab the items, items will disappear after grabbing(suppose they are in the player's pocket). There will be a health point bar(decreases as the player touch a fire and increases as the player grabbed an item needed) as well as a time bar(3 minutes in total and decreases as time goes) on the player's left hand. Imaging they are similar to the size of a watch. Any bar goes to 0 means the player loses. There will be some fires inside rooms on the second floor, and more outside rooms on the second. There will be most fires on the first floor as the fire gets larger as time goes on(The user needs to escape from the second floor to the first floor, then outside). There will be a replay button outside the building and takes the player back to the start of the game, and an exit button to exit the application.

Key Freatures

Tunneling Vision

Tunneling vision is used to simulate the effect of human eyes when users are moving. When people are running or walking, the shaded area becomes larger and the visible area becomes smaller. When people stay still, he/she should be able to see the whole scene.
1. Download Final Vignette from Asset Store (it is for free!).
2. Include the Final Vignette into the camera.
3. Open the script and create the Update() function.
4. Let parameter “maxDistance” dynamically change based on the speed of the camera.

Health/Time Bars


Here goes our trailer!