Triple Bubble



Triple Bubble is a side-scrolling single player game for the IPhone. The player must tap the screen to make the character move back and forth so it can collect bubble sets in required color sequence. Collecting right bubble sets help to win time and life energy for a longer survive while collecting a wrong bubble cause a decreasement to life energy and the player have to re-collect the whole set . The more bubble sets a player collects the higher score he or she will acquire. If time out or there is no life energy, the character dies, and the game ends.


Think yourself as a treasure hunter, you enter in a cave, which is full of gem. But right now the cave is collapsing. You only have limit time to collect the gem. You have to clear up your mind to know what you are looking for, only correct collection of gem can buy more time for you.


Try to get as high score as you can, to do this, you must follow the hint, which is the collection you need to grab. Then you increase your remain time and gain more score.


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