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Wish is a mobile e-commerce platform that connects hundreds of millions of consumers with the widest selection of products delivered directly to their doors

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Software Engineer Intern

I worked as a full stack Web developer(intern) this summer at wish. Worked closely with the Product Management team to develop internal systems and APIs for WishPost and WishChain.

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What I accomplished:
  • Supported PM team and Supplier Team to develop internal systems and APIs for wishchain and wishpost, add new features to wishchain.
  • Built a sales data query system to reduce about 50% query time by using job scheduler Tron to config a cron job, and consumed it through a back-end service with Message Queue AWS SQS to decouple heavyweight processing
  • Detected abnormal sales records through analyzing logs with cloud data service Treasure Data and designed a buyer manage tools to mark malicious buyer to the blocked list simultaneously
  • Optimized product upload function in supplier system by developing a bulk upload API, reducing processing time by 50%, and allow suppliers to upload 10 times number of products than before at one time by a .csv file
  • Admin tool to generate report for logistic orders. To detect and correct data inconsistency between wishchain system and logistic company's own system, by comparing the result with report from logistics company.
  • Blocked buyer System. To help wishchain manage orders from some fraud buyers, I designed a blocked buyer list
  • Input validation on product edit page. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of editing product. I add validations for different types of validations.
  • Wrote python scripts to generate automated tools for buyer teams, such as generating daily reports to monitor inbound and outbound rate data, tools for finding and sorting top suppliers among more than 20 millions products persist in MongoDB
What I learned:
  • OS: Linux(Ubuntu)
  • Vue.js-JavaScript front-end framework, Tornado-Python framework for web developement
  • PyMongo and MongoEngine for working with MongoDB.
  • Code Version Control: git / github / Phabricator / Arcanist
  • Could Data Platform: Treasure Data
  • Container: Docker
  • Error Tracking: Sentry
  • Job scheduler: Tron
  • AWS: Message Queue SQS, S3