CSCI571 Web Technologies 2017 fall

The following projects are from CSCI571 Web Technologies at University of Southern California.

static web page design

Responsive web page design

design a web page for one main fincial(Bootstrap,html/css)

Air line information search service

Airline Search

Search and display Airline information(JavaScript, Jqury, JSON, ajax)

Stock search service

Stock Search service

Search and display Airline information(PHP)

Real Time Stock Tracking Service

  • Implemented a multi-platform web service that enabled stock information search, chart display, and info auto-refresh
  • Developed the responsive front-end with Angular 4/Bootstrap 3, achieved the auto-complete with Material Design
  • Implemented the MVC backend with Express.js, designed RESTful APIs to retrieve real-time stock data
  • Added social networking features using Facebook SDK, Deployed the node server on AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Deployed Apache HTTP server with Nginx as a reverse proxy for loading balancing

Movie Scenes Sharing application

  • Developed a database-backend web application for a movie blog which utilizes a RESTful API
  • Built the front-end with Bootstrap/JQuery and the back-end with MongoDB/Express
  • Managed the user authentication and permission(PassportJs) for different operations

House Rental Web Application

  • Developed a website that allows users to search for house’ information which utilizing JQuery/Bootstrap/Thymeleaf and a back-end management system which enables the administrator to manage the house’ information with Spring framework
  • Implemented the unit test with JUnit and H2 database, with Log4j as logging mechanism
  • Adopted Spring Security for authentication and authorization to validate administrator and common user
  • Adopted MySQL/Spring Data JPA to store data and AWS S3 to store house’ pictures
  • Utilized ELK Stack(ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) to analyze the search data