Nice meeting you.

I am glad that you find me here. Read on if you would like to know
What am I thinking?
Where am I heading to?
What do I care about the most?

Recent Work

"I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven." Léon, Movie

We set sail || to the opposite direction

Lost is never found again.
Growing up, I have learnt to accept the feeling of shame and pity. Quietly, I let the sorrow and pain engulf me from within.
Patiently, I wait, for the fire to die down.
It feels like Nirvana. Nov 2016

Who lost her thin silk ribbon between the lush hills- Oh! and her pearl earrings in this emerald sea.


I travelled ten thousand miles here to admire your beauty
Your compassion and tolerance impressed me. Your courage to persist even in deperation is incomparable.
I wish I can find a place to rest for a little while after a long journey.

Get prepared, for the rain, for the storm; for the rainbow, for the sun.

Perfect Long weekend - hiking at Los Liones

Feeling thankful for the long weekend.
While I am very much exhausted after all those application process, I still cannot find a solid answer to the question.
There is not always a second chance. 16/2/14

Road trip along the west coast with my beloved parents.

Say farewell to 2015 and embrace 2016.

My sixth year studying abroad.
I thought I am used to saying 'goodbye', and yet I couldn't stop tearing when I drove back alone.
Thank you for these calm little moments before the coming storm.Much anticipated 2016, welcome.

Ceiling lamp at Union Station

Déjà vu

I am finally here again after seven years.
Now, I am really thinking what's next.
What can I get most out of this half million education or for the same outcome as "a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library".

Cove at Luray,VA.

Shadow of dinosaur

The first Christmas in the States, I spent with aunt Xu and Sheryl in PA.
This cheerful family has inspired me greatly which marked a lovely start for 2015.
Life is full of pleasant surprises if I am in focused.

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