Zhi-Yang Wang @ USC ...

Currently, I am a Master student in Electrical Engineering(Multimedia and Creative Tech) at the University of Southern California. I received Bachelor Degree in Electronic and Information Engineering and B.A in English from Beihang University (the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) in 2008 respectively.

I am working as a Research Assistant Intern at USC Institute for Creative Technologies under Professor Stacy Marsella.
I served as a Software Quality Assurance Intern at Teradata Corporation.


Research Intersts:

  • Artificial Intellegence
  • Computational Emotions 
  • Cognitive Science
  • Computer Graphics

Contact Information:

E-mail: zhiyangw AT usc DOT edu

USC Institute for Creative Technologies
13274 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Latest Research Project


Multimodel Corpus Nonverbal Behaviors

Despite the spread of software development and software usage on computational facial expressed emotion, we have only a little data of computational gesture emotion.  In real time, Non-verbal behavior, which is the gesture movement, as well as the facial expression, plays an important role in detect people’s emotion.

Our main proposal is to set 3D gesture models for Emotion and use it in real time multi-agent system.    Then we will compare the real time date with the 3D emotion model training set to justify the emotion type. 

The usage of this algorithm might be on 3D visual game, military negotiate training, education, safety check on airport, and etc.


For more information, please see the project page and the resume page.

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