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Welcome to my project page!

This project idea comes from last year I did a investment simulation on wallstreetsurvivor, which is a real-time financial invest simulation. I invested some money on a few oil companys' options. Then a hurricane appeared on gulf of mexico made me so happy since it seemed it would cut the production of offshore rigs, crude oil price rose high since they can not provide enough oil and gas. However, this hurricane suddenly became a tropical depression and those oil companies resumed production at the same time. The consequence was I lost lot of money.

That is the reason I think it is so important to develop a hurricane tracker to continuously update the information and therefore inform oil and gas producers the latest information of hurricane. Also, it could be a user friendly financial investment tool to get the tracking information.

Application can also open a ".dat" file, which including a hurricane's tracking information. The default format is the name of file is the name of the hurricane. Each line of the file contains the latitude , longitude, and wind speed of the hurricane. The application will simulation the path of this hurricane. This java application can be download here. An example standard data file can be download here.