[Jeffrey Feng]


Homework 6 Scribbler Piano:

1. IĄŻll teach if statement. IĄŻll create an interface so that it is very easy for the users to understand so that when they press a button the condition in one if-statement would be true so that it will continue to execute the following commands inside the statement.

2. My program will have an interface that looks like a piano keyboard and when users click on the keyboard the robot will make the according sound.

3. Show the instruction in the window, Create jpeg pics that have keyboard on it, write program so that when some button is pressed some action will be performed

4. IĄŻll have a survey at the end of the program and record usersĄŻ opinions on my interface

5. The same as 4

6. IĄŻll ask them to input their name, age and their evaluation about their experience of the robot and store the information in a file.

7. IĄŻll create a graph summarizing the response of my users based on their answers to my survey.

Here is the link to my robot demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0uJC0YixlY