EVA Unit 01


¡¾the robot¡¿

and how he rules the World

One Ture Pilot

Scientific Name: ZhangJi(Alex)
Production Date: A.D. 1993
Component: soccer, reading, Video Games and Anime.
Notice: Might bite people if he doesn't get 100
Important: love RTS games especially StarCraft II !!

Lab Report!!

Robot getLINE for white getLINE for Black getObstacles (20cm away) getObstacles (50cm away) getObstacles (60cm away) IR SENSORS DISTANCE LIGHT SENSORS in dark room 30cm away LIGHT SENSORS in light room 30cm away
Seven 0, 0 1, 1 6400
0 = something
1280 640 every where (1,1), unless very close(0,0) 65158,65283,65160 65100,65271,65106

Fibonacci spiral


Codes shown below:


Pre Lab Questions

description of song: Super Mario Bro Theme+ music for Mario failed
drawing    Maze solving: mainly depend on the obstacle sensors, center one decides whether move or turn,
(Hexagram shown above,try some challenge~) then compare the value of sensors of left and right to decide which direction to turn.
Surprise: Seven can be very shy, he screams, his face turns red and mincingly run away,
  turns back with scare and fall back.
Notice: connnect those parts with a shoddy  story

Differ mood Codes shown below:

Robot Games:

Final Project Pre Lab Questions

description: Cloud Computing£¬ is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet).
how the program engage the user£º It is definetely excitment to control a real robot, especaily when you can control it with some very normal way like voice
process for developing human-computer interface: Using the very idea of Cloud Computing, that is to delivery the hosted service over the network (in this case is sefl-genereted wifi) to make the voice in the smart phone terminal a controller for robot
how to evaluate the user¡¯s interaction.: since its a voice controller, people can take part in to test how to "communicate " with the robot, I will have a sheet of paper with the command people can say to control the robot.
how the program collect user interaction information.: every time the "pilot" says the command , the command will be saved to the file as characters
How to generate an evaluation report based on the user data collected: with the saved list of command people says, we can analyse what is the "most popular command" or "least popular command", and we can also evaluate the rate of failure or how much can the backgroud noise affects the voice control(mostly caused by the nosie or not clrear prononcation ).

Final Project:

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