jokerThe Dark Knight Rises

Eight years after Harvey Dent's death.
Police Commissioner James Gordon decides to resign.
Batman has disappeared and Bruce Wayne has become a recluse.
With the emergence of Bane, Gotham and the Batman is facing the biggest crisis ever.

In this film, we can see the weakest Batman, he depends on his walking stick, his company is unprofitable, and even worse, he is delivered a crippling blow on his back by Bane, then is sent to a foreign, well-like prison where escape is virtually impossible.

Be careful with beautiful women. Selina Kyle, is catwoman. And Miranda Tate, her reall name is Talia al Ghul.

Bane batman catwoman
John Talia gordon

It is not important that Bruce is still the Batman or not,
the Dark knight rises.

The Dark Knight
Batman Begins