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Brief Introduction


Sep 2013- present  PhD student , Department of Astronautical Engineering

University of Southern California

2013 B.S. Applied Physics (Plasma Physics)

University of Science and Technology of China

GPA: 3.68 / 4.30 Rank: 2 / 26

iBT: 104 ( R27, L27, S26, W24) 

Research Experiences

During my undergraduate period, I participated in some research programs at Key Laboratory of Basic Plasma Physics, CAS & USTC. My work is mainly about the experimental study of sheath and some related problems. Last summer, I completed a research program about ion energy analyzer and it's application and got an Excellent Award which was given to only two students major in plasma physics. Then I independently designed and made a special ion energy analyzer for the research of virtual cathode structure of sheath.

Currently at USC, I'm working on the experimental investigations of multi-dust system capacitances in space plasma.

You can see more details in my CV and the page "Research".



"Measurement of virtual cathode structures in upstream and downstream sheath of a plate in unmagnetized plasma", Annual Conference of CPS, Guangzhou, China, 2012. Fifth author, poster. Draft(PDF)

"Measurement of virtual cathode sheath at both sides of a plate in unmagnetized plasma," Being revised, coauthor


Research Programs

"Calibration of Ion Energy Analyzer and Mesurement of Ion Energy and Virtual Cathode Structures", Summer Undergraduate Research Program at USTC

"Relationship between Virtual Cathode Structures in Plasma Sheath and Ion Energy", National College Students Innovation Training Program at USTC

“Investigations of Multi-Dust System Capacitances In Space Plasma”, Currently at USC


 Teaching Assistant

"ASTE 101: Introduction to Astronautics", Fall semester 2013 at USC

"Measurement of flowing speed by ion acoustic waves", Plasma Physics Undergraduate experiment, Nov. 2012 at USTC

Selected Honors


  • Sep.2013 Viterbi School of Engineering Fellowship


  • Sep.2012 Excellent Student Scholarship ,Silver Award
  • Summer 2012 Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Excellent Award
  • Jul. 2012 School-level Photography Masters Cup, Excellent Award
  • Sep.2008 The 25th National High school Physics Contest, Third Prize



Matlab instrument remote control, GUI design and scientific computation

Draw schematics by Protel and make layout desigh of printed circuit board




Tennis, table tennis, photograph

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