Andrew Yocca's Robot

My Robot "Crush":

"Crush" is my rather slow sea turtle robot that can move around in many different ways. His shell provides good armor that should protect him from other robot enemies.

Interests and Hobbies:

I like Computer Science because of the fact that you can create whatever you want through coding. I feel like I could do something very clever with the knowledge that I hope to attain in Computer Science. Over the summer I played a lot of beach volleyball and spent some quality time with my high school friends. My hobbies include beach volleyball, soccer, golf, and football. I also like to play videogames if I have nothing else to do. I am very passionate about spending time on any sort of work and making it a success.

Lab 2 with: Garv Manocha, Jessica Shin, and Lizhi Fan

Output of Sensing Code:

My Output Garv's Output Jessica's Output Lizhi's Output
getLight: 65400 getLight: 64772 getLight: 64254 getLight: 64924
getIR: 1, 1 getIR: 1, 1 getIR: 1, 1 getIR: 1, 1
getBattery: 7.57818 getBattery: 7.0539 getBattery: 7.24455 getBattery: 7.19688
getObstacle: 0, 0, 0 getObstacle: 5120, 6400, 6400 getObstacle: 6400, 6400, 6400 getObstacle: 0, 0, 0

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