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HW3 Search and Rescue

1. The strategy will be to navigate the robot slowly through the field, and if it detects something ahead as an object it will take a picture and we can view the picture as well as edit it to find the scibbler if the scribbler is in there. That was for a menu like switch case so i can decide which command to tell my robot to do. As we go through we will have a general ideal from the room in terms of the pictures and from it we will be able to map out the lost scribblers. The robot will use sensors such as obstacle sensors and IR sensors to detect it's surroundings.
2. My forward command includes an option that allows the scribbler to detect obstacles ahead and behind it when it moves that way. This will help navigating through the disaster area because it if the sensor picks up something in front it will not allow the scribbler to proceed into dangerous areas, instead we can back up and tell it to take a photo so we know where all the scribblers are.
3. Locating lost scribblers, scribblers will be allowed to take pictures and view individual pictures on command, and it will hold a counter of which it counts every time a new picture is saved in each's respective array to prevent segmentation faults. Also, we can choose to edit each of the individual pictures and have a manual input of the rectangular box for the scribbler.
4. Our mapping strategy will be to take the photo from several angles so we know a layout of what the place looks like before we can pinpoint our location. And with that we can manually locate the lost scribblers, even make a map of the disaster area.
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