Yingjun Lyu

Yingjun Lyu


Personal Profile

I obtained my Ph.D. from the Computer Science department at the University of Southern California. My advisor is William G.J. Halfond. My research interest lies in static program analysis and optimization.


University of Southern California

Ph.D., Computer Science


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Bachelor, Computer Science


Sun Yat-sen University

Bachelor, Computer Science



SAND: A Static Analysis Approach for Detecting SQL Antipatterns

Yingjun Lyu, Sasha Volokh, William G. J. Halfond, Omer Tripp

ISSTA 2021, ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

Quantifying the Performance Impact of SQL Antipatterns on Mobile Applications

Yingjun Lyu, Ali Alotaibi, William G. J. Halfond

ICSME 2019, acceptance rate: 23%

Remove RATs from Your Code: Automated Optimization of Resource Inefficient Database Writes for Mobile Applications

Yingjun Lyu, Ding Li, William G. J. Halfond

ISSTA 2018, acceptance rate: 23%

Bugs.jar: A Large-scale, Diverse Dataset of Real-world Java Bugs

Ripon Saha, Yingjun Lyu, Wing Lam, Hiroaki Yoshida, Mukul Prasad

MSR 2018 Data Showcase

Leveraging Program Analysis to Reduce User-Perceived Latency in Mobile Applications

Yixue Zhao, Marcelo Laser, Yingjun Lyu, Nenad Medvidovic

ICSE 2018, acceptance rate: 21%

ELIXIR : Effective Object Oriented Program Repair

Ripon K. Saha, Yingjun Lyu, Hiroaki Yoshida, Mukul R. Prasad

ASE 2017, acceptance rate: 21%

An Empirical Study of Local Database Usage in Android Applications

Yingjun Lyu, Jiaping Gui (co-first author), Mian Wan, William G. J. Halfond

ICSME 2017, acceptance rate: 27.8%
Artifact available: https://github.com/USC-SQL/SQLUsage

Automated Energy Optimization of HTTP Requests for Mobile Applications

Ding Li, Yingjun Lyu, Jiaping Gui, William G. J. Halfond

ICSE 2016, acceptance rate: 19%

String Analysis for Java and Android Applications

Ding Li, Yingjun Lyu, Mian Wan, William G. J. Halfond

FSE 2015, acceptance rate: 25.4%

Work Experience


Applied Scientist, June 2020 - Present

Facebook, Inc

Intern, May 2018 - Aug 2018

Worked on a type-checker for Python.

NEC Laboratories of America, Inc

Intern, May 2017 - Aug 2017

Worked on real-time data leakage detection using system monitoring logs.

Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.

Intern, May 2016 - Aug 2016

Worked on automated Java program repair.


Violist - A String Analysis Framework

This is a general framework for string analysis that allows researchers to more flexibly choose how they will estimate the possible string values at a given program point.

Github: https://github.com/USC-SQL/Violist

Automated Performance Analysis for Android Applications

Performance bugs of mobile applications were discovered and categorized. The tool performs an automated performance analysis tool on mobile applications and detects performance bugs in the source code. Bug reports will be generated to assist developers to improve the performance of their apps.

Github: https://github.com/winsonlyu/Performance-Checker-Wala