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This is a homepage for Yichi Zhang. I am a mechanical engineer. :)

I am a second year PhD student at Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Southern California. I am studying Mechanical Engineering, and my PhD advisor is Prof. Bingen Yang. I received my bachelar degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. My undergraduate major is Mechanical Engineering and Automation. I am always interested in mechanics, dynamics, control theories, machinery mechanisms, mathematical applications in engineering and advanced manufacturing methods. My second major during undergradute is Computer Technology and Application. I used to be a big fan of coding, but Principles of Compiler changed everything... :(

My Resume

Courses I have taken at USC:

  • Fall 2014: AME 525 Engineering Analysis; AME 521 Engineering Vibration Ⅱ ; AME 522 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Vibrations, and Chaos;
  • Spring 2015: AME 526 Engineering Analytical Methods; AME 539 Multi-body Dynamics; EE 587 Nonlinear and Adaptive Control;
  • Fall 2015: AME 541 Linear Control Systems Ⅱ ; CE 599 Special Topics: Advanced Elasticity of Solids;
  • Spring 2016: AME 545 Modeling and Control of Distributed Dynamic Systems;
  • Fall 2016: AME 524 Advanced Engineering Dynamics; CE 507 Mechanics of Solids Ⅰ ; CE 529a Finite Element Analysis;
  • Spring 2017: AME 509 Applied Elasticity; CE 529b Finite Element Analysis;
  • Courses I am taking at USC:

  • Fall 2017: AME 535a Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics
  • Courses I plan to take at USC:

  • AME 535ab Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics; MATH 501 Numerical Analysis and Computation; MATH 570a Methods of Applied Mathematics; EE 553 Computational Solution of Optimization Problems??; EE 575 Computational Differential Geometry for Engineers ??;

  • I just get so busy and a little bit lazy, so that I have not updated this page for a while.

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    You can email me at: yichiz [at] usc.edu

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