Game Play

The main idea of the game is to save your planet from incoming obstacles while you are stationed at the cliff of your base.

How to Play

You are stationed at a platform between the towers. You have to defend the base 
from incoming obstacles in the form of asteroids.
As the waves of obstacles progresses, there will be drones attacking you. 
At the end of the second wave, you will have the option to swap the left laser gun 
with a shield using the grap grip button.

There are total 5 waves of incoming obstacles:

Wave 1
There will be asteroids incoming to destroy the platform.

Wave 2
There will be asteroids moving at much greater speeds.

Wave 3
Now there will be only drones trying to attack you.

Wave 4
The difficulty has risen. There will asteroids and drones incoming. 
You can use shield to defend from the shooting from drones.

Wave 5
There will be more asteroids and drones trying to damage your platform and attack you.




Sagar Dedhia

(Drone and Shooting Logic)

Yash Doshi

(Environment build and Asteroid Logic)

Mridang Agarwal

(GameFlow Design and Logic)

Fenil Shah

(Drone and Shooting Logic)


Siddhi Dhuri

(Sound and Animation)

Harika Veeravalli

(Sound and Animation)

Akshat Barbhaya

(Shield and Scoring Logic)