I'm Shuo

A computer science graduate student at University of Southern California (USC). I have markable interests in Software Development, Machine Learning and Data Mining. When I decided to pursue my master degree, I choose Computer Science as the major since it is so attractive to me. I'm determined to give it a shot, and now I'm working on it.

Here is my Resume.


  • Logo of University of Southern California

    University of Southern California

    M.S. in Computer Science
    August 2016 - May 2018 (expected)
    Los Angeles, USA

    GPA: 3.85 / 4.0

  • Logo of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Hefei University of Technology

    B.S. in Electrical Engineering
    August 2012 - June 2016
    Hefei, China

    GPA: 3.85 / 4.0


  • National Scholarship of China, 2014
  • First-class Annual Scholarship of the University, 2013, 2014 and 2015


Full Stack Web Development

  • This microblog website is constructed by Ruby on Rails frameworks, using Bootstrap, REST Archi- tecture, SQLite and PostgreSQL.
  • Implement the social layer that allows users to follow other users and display a status feed of the followed users’ microblogs on each user’s Home Page using Ajax.
  • Develop a full Rails login and authentication system, allowing users to sign up, customize their profiles and reset passwords.

Movie Recommendation System

  • The system recommends the user with movies based on their previous preference (ratings).
  • Use Hadoop and Collaborative Filtering Algorithm to calculate the rating matrix and similarity matrix, which are eventually combined to generate the recommend list.
  • Implement matrix multiplication in MapReduce with data size of 1 GB, provided by Netflix Prize.

Feature Extraction and Video Tracking

  • Based on OpenCV and MATLAB.
  • Investigated Camshift Algorithm and Kalman Filter to capture the object quickly and accurately.
  • Combined the algorithms effectively, making the tracking process nearly twice as fast as before.


I love music and musical instruments. I learned electrical keyboard for 3 years and received the qualification for the grade nine from Chinese Musicians' Association. Then I started my practice in the field of clarinet playing. I was advised by Prof. Tao Wang in Central Conservatory of Music and received the qualification for the grade nine in 2007.

For sports, I got professional training in swimming for 4 years. Sometimes I also plays Ping-Pong and basketball.