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Xuan Wang


Projects Video List

iOS Game: Ninja Survival

Developed in Unity3D using C#.
Applied linear acceleration and touch screen to control the character.
Applied PlayerPrefs for keeping players' records.

Android App: Search Movies and Tweet Your Plan

Developed and programmed a website under AJAX framework.
Applied Apache Tomcat as web server and programmed using Perl on sever.
Developed an Android application using Java in Eclipse.

Directed Research Experience for ICT (Institute for Creative Technologies): Rehabilitation Game for Patients

Developed in Unity3D using C#.
Applied Wii Fit Balance Board as the controller.
Implemented a map with GUI to track the weight center on the Wii Fit Balance Board.

Simulation of a jello cube

Modeled the jello cube with the mass-spring system.
Modeled the movement by solving a system of Newton's second law, Hook's linear model of elasticity, and Linear damping.
Implemented collision detection and response with the penalty method.
Programmed using C++ in Xcode.

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