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Xiaoqin Shen, PhD

PhD: National University of Singapore 2013

MSc: University of Science and Technology of China 2008


About me

Xiaoqin Shen received his PhD in Chemistry (Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy and Imaging) from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2013, and a MSc degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2008. He has strong multidesciplinary research background, including advanced organic materials, laser spectroscopy, microcavity optics and biomedical optics.

Inspired by the beauty and mystery of light, at USTC, Xiaoqin's initial research interest was on developing novel light-active materials by new chemical methods, including synthesis of photo-responsive polymers and nanomateials.

To extend his adademic background from materials chemistry to optical physics, Xiaoqin pursued his PhD in a new interdisciplinary area of ultrafast laser spectroscopy and optical imaging: biomedical optics. His PhD research focused on utilizing femtosecond laser-based spectroscopic and microsopic techniqies to understand multiphoton absorbing polymers and to demonstrate them for nanomedicine and bioimaging applications. He fundamentally studied the photophysical and photochemical processes in conjugated polymer nanoparticles, and successfuly demonstrated them for two-photon cancer therapy and cancer cell-targeting two-photon imaging.

After graduation, Dr Shen worked with Prof Fred Wudl as a postdoc researcher to further enrich his research experience in organic materials chemistry at California NanoSystem Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, where he emphasized on synthesizing novel n-type conjugated molecules for organic optoeletronics.

Dr Shen is currently a postdoc associate in Armani Research Lab at University of Southern California, where he join a new light-related research area, microcavity photonics. He current research interest includes ultrahigh Q micorcavitynonlinar opticsmicrolasersorganic optical materials, and optical bioimaging.

Dr Shen is committed to levaraging his unique multidisciplinary knowledge to solve cross-disciplinary light-related scientific and pratical problems from a different scientific angle. His long term academic goal is to drive research into new cutting-edge directions for next generation advanced applications.