Wei Zong







University of Southern California
Major: Electrical EngineeringDegree: Master of Science
GPA: 4.0Graduation: May, 2014
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Chengdu, China)
Major: Communication EngineeringDegree: Bacholor of Engineering
GPA: 3.61Graduation: July, 2012

Familiar with object-oriented programming; Experience in Web development and Android development; Deep knowledge in operating system, computer networks, and computer architecture; Experiences in DSP and NetFPGA programming

Skillful in C/C++, JAVA, PERL, HTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX; master entry-level TCL and NS-2, Familiar with Linux shell, MIPS and DSP assembly;

Familiar with wide range of tools and platforms, such as: Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X; Eclipse, GCC, G++, vim, Visual Studio, VC6; Wireshark, Iperf, OPNET; Matlab, TI Code Composer Studio.

Project Experience

I have rich project experience in Web and Android development, operating system, computer networks,

as well as DSP and NetFPGA programming

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Intel Product (Chengdu Site) Position: Manufacturing Prod-Line Supervisor Intern

Take fully charge of managing the stuff, yield, and equipment of a section in the chipset assembly line. Working closely with Assembly/Test/Product/System engineers, and stuff from FA lab to improve yield, quality, safety, and reduce the cost. With my programming skills, I automated generation of weekly report in our team.

Awards & Honors

  • UESTC Innovation Fund for College Student (2011)
  • People’s scholarship in UESTC every year. (2009 - 2012)
  • Honor of UESTC Advanced Group for volunteering in teaching, with a group of student, in the disaster area struck by the earthquake (Sichuan, China, 2009)


Wei Zong, Qing Guan, Xi Yuan. Simulation and implementation of an adaptive howling suppressor for acoustic amplifier. Computational Problem-Solving (ICCP), 2012 International Conference on. 2012:406-409


  • Web Developer Intern. (Paid or unpaid)


  • Available everyday in summer and fall 2013

Project Experience

Web Technology

+Facebook and AllMusic Mashup using AJAX, JSON, JAVA, PHP

I practiced setup my tomcat server with apache, and the elastic cloud service on Amazon Web Service. Then I completed a music search website, with JavaScript communicating asynchronously with a Java Servlet, and the servlet further requesting to the PHP program hosted on AWS, which finally search AllMusic website and retrieve the results. The PHP use XML to send results to servlet, and servlet convert it into JSON and send back to client. The JavaScript will dynamically update the webpage, and provide a button for user to share results on Facebook. Also, JS deals with cross-browser issues.

+Android Application: music search and play back; login and share on Facebook

I developed an Android application that retrieves JSON data from the Java Servlet that I implemented in previous work, and creates list view to display images and texts of the search results. It also provides play back of sample music, as well as login and sharing on Facebook.

+Apache web server configuration and PERL/PHP scripts providing search-relay service

I set up my Apache server and write a HTML webpage that can submit the form containing user input of keywords. And I write a server-side script to read input, send request to a music searching service provider, fetch the returned webpage, capture the result, and return a list of results to the user. I write both the PERL and PHP version.

+HTML webpage with JavaScript and CSS

I practiced writing HTML webpage and writing JavaScript to operate on the XML file retrieved from the given URL. It traverse the DOM tree and create a new webpage to illustrate the information. I also practiced imitate and reproduce a given webpage by composing CSS.

Operating System

+Unix kernel programming

This project aim to complete the Weenix operating system, which is Unix based and supports multi-tasking, multi-threading, virtual memory, and virtual file system. Currently realized: process/thread creation, exiting, canceling, and scheduling; mutex creation, lock and unlock; operations on virtual file system. Now working on virtual memory

+Multi-thread C programming in Linux and Unix

The program performs emulation of token bucket filter used in the web server. It has multiple threads dealing with incoming of packets, incoming of tokens, packets queuing, as well as a web server that serve the packets for a certain period of time. Event log as well as statistics of the emulation can be printed.

Computer Networks

+Unix Client/Server network programming: socket programming with C++

I write client and server programs which exchange the logistic information between central warehouse and outlets. Data are sent via TCP segments and UDP datagram. I write C++ code, and accomplished it with UNIX socket.

+Programming of TCP/IP functionalities with C in REAL 5.0 Linux

REAL 5.0 is a simulation platform in Linux designed by Stanford for research use. It has virtual physical layer and built-in CSMA/CD. I simulated the throughput of the network with the CSMA/CD. And I programmed C code to realize the TCP/IP functionalities, including error control with Hamming code, flow/congestion control, and Round-Robin routing algorithm. By encapsulating them into a node function, I had my own TCP socket, and I programmed with it to send a file from one node to another via a "router" node, and check if it's identical with the original file.

+Switching technology Lab: Configuration of Ethernet/telephone switch, and VLAN

Firstly, I practiced configuring a Cisco Catalyst 2900xl and a Huawei 2403H Ethernet switch. I performed connecting with PC through Console port, using command-line interface, displaying status, Ethernet port open up and close, and configuring port speed and mode. Secondly, I practiced creating multiple VLANs in a network trunked by two Cisco 2900xl switches. Last, I configured a Huawei's C&C08 Digital Switch to support telephone and additional PSTN services. The experiments were carried out in UESTC Backbone Transmission System Lab

+TCP/IP Lab: simulation of ARP, FTP, RIP, OSPF protocols

The series of lab were done with Dynamips Server/Client simulation software running on virtual PCs created in VMware. I run experimental applications provided by Dynamips, and use Wireshark to analyze the captured packets, and observe packets exchanged during the communication.

Mobile Phone: 2138808331

Email: wzong@usc.edu

Address: 3416 1/2 Walton Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90007