I am a Master student of Computer Science at University of Southern California. My interests is in Computer and Network Security. And I loove fantacy stories. My favorate writer is Jules Verne.



  • Research Asisstant

    Information Sciences Institute

    June 2011 – Present

    Flash Crowd DDoS Defense

  • Student IT Consultant

    University of Southern California

    January 2011 – December 2011

    provides service desk support and support for instructional computing labs and environments for faculty, staff and student workers.

  • Volunteer Reader


    October 2010 – December 2010

    Read for Children

  • Research Assistant

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    July 2009 – August 2009

    Anti Penetration Packet Filter Firewall


Course Projects

  • Distribued System for DNA Matching

    - Created distributed system with 4 content-based routers to distribute a 3GB human genome data and small gene segments of 1GB for matching

    - Built customized packet format without existing network layer headers.

  • Fast and Reliable Transmission over TCP/IP

    - Speeded up the TCP connection throughput in a network with high loss rate and delay by hacking the kernel and changing the router performance.

  • Software IP Router development

    - Developed a software IP route based on libpcap. It could sniffer packets, modify the headers and inject the packet to the network without side effect on the throughput. The software route is also able to reply toTraceroute and Ping.

  • Packet Filter Firewall Development

    - Established the apache www server with SSL and CGI enabled

    - Created the administration webpage with HTML and shell script for remote control

    - The firewall rules were created with IPtables, controlled by CGIs which were written in shell script

  • Java GUI Application with Oracle Spatial Database Project

    - Created the Oracle database with spatial entities

    - Developed a Java program that can read information from text files and insert them into the oracle database with spatial elements;

    - Developed a Java windows program, which can capture user’s mouse event and create the spatial queries transmitted to the oracle database, then show the result of the query in graphics to user



You can e-mail me at:uscemail