Welcome to my personal homepage! I am a fifth-year PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of Southern California (USC). My adviser is Fei Sha and I am happy to work with many excellent people in the TEDS lab. My research interests are in machine learning and its applications to computer vision, natural language processing, health care, and artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining USC, I obtained a M.S. degree in Communication Engineering at National Taiwan Unverisity, and a B.S. degree in Communication Engineering at National Chiao Tung Unverisity. For more resources and information, please visit my GitHub and my former homepage.

I will be joining the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the Ohio State University (OSU) in 2019 Fall as an assistant professor, following a one-year postdoc at Cornell.


06/2018 - Successfully defending my thesis on "Transfer Learning for Intelligent Systems in the Wild" [Slides]

06/2018 - Attending CVPR for two poster presentation and doctoral consortium

04/2018 - Invited talks at U of Arizona and FAIR

03/2018 - Invited talks at Cornell, TTIC, and Google

02/2018 - Invited talks at NVIDIA, ASU, and OSU

02/2018 - 2 papers accepted by CVPR 2018, and 1 paper accepted by NAACL 2018

01/2018 - Becoming a PhD candidate

07/2017 - 1 paper accepted by ICCV 2017

05/2017 - Summer intern in Microsoft Research Redmond

04/2017 - 1 arXiv preprint paper

04/2017 - Codes for our ECCV 2016 paper on LSTM-based video summarization are available now

01/2017 - Invited talks at NCTU, NTHU, and Academia Sinica on learning to share and zero-shot learning

10/2016 - Attending ECCV for an spotlight and poster presentation

08/2016 - Codes and data of our zero-shot learning paper in CVPR 2016 are released.

08/2016 - I will attend deep learning summer school in Montreal, CA.

07/2016 - 2 papers accepted by ECCV 2016

07/2016 - Attending CVPR for an oral and poster presentation

06/2016 - 3 arXiv preprint papers

04/2016 - 2 papers accepted by CVPR 2016

CV and Google scholar page

Here are my CV (Last update: 6/2018) and Google scholar page.

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