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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the Ohio State University (OSU). My research interests are in machine learning and its applications to computer vision, autonomous driving, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and health care.

Prior to joining OSU, I was a Postdoctoral Associate in Computer Science at Cornell University working with Kilian Weinberger and Mark Campbell. Before that, I did my PhD in Computer Science at University of Southern California (USC). My adviser was Fei Sha and I had a great time working with many excellent people in the TEDS lab. Earlier, I obtained a MS degree in Communication Engineering at National Taiwan University, and a BS degree in Communication Engineering at National Chiao Tung University. For more resources and information, please visit my GitHub and my former homepage.

I'm moving to my new website.

CV and Google scholar page

Here are my CV (Last update: 03/2020) and Google scholar page.

Contact information

587 Dreese Laboratories


03/2020 - 2 papers accepted by CVPR 2020

02/2020 - 1 arXiv paper on meta-learning

02/2020 - 1 DDW abstract accepted for lecture presentation

01/2020 - 1 paper, "Interactive Natural Language-based Person Search, " accepted by IEEE RAL and ICRA, 2020

01/2020 - 1 arXiv paper on imbalanced deep learning

12/2019 - 1 paper, "Pseudo-LiDAR++: Accurate Depth for 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving," accepted by ICLR 2020

12/2019 - I was selected as an outstanding reviewer in NeurIPS 2019 and I attended the conference for one poster presentation.

12/2019 - 1 paper, "Visual Question Answering on 360 Images," accepted by WACV 2020

09/2019 - 1 paper, "A New Defense Against Adversarial Images: Turning a Weakness into a Strength," accepted by NeurIPS 2019

08/2019 - Joining the Ohio State University as an Assistant Professor

07/2019 - 1 paper accepted by IJCV and 1 paper accepted by BMVC

06/2019 - Attending CVPR for a poster presentation [Link]

06/2019 - Organizing ICML Workshop on AI for Autonomous Driving [Link]

06/2019 - 1 paper accepted by IROS & IEEE RA-L

04/2019 - Media coverage of our paper "Pseudo-LiDAR from Visual Depth Estimation: Bridging the Gap in 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving" by Cornell Chronicle and NSF

03/2019 - 1 paper accepted by CVPR

12/2018 - 2 arXiv preprint papers, one on autonomous driving and the other on unified zero-shot learning

10/2018 - A new github repository of our zero-shot learning algorithms (including SynC, EXEM, and the AUSUC metric) is released. [Link]

08/2018 - Start my postdoc at Cornell University

07/2018 - Invited talk at USC ISI on "Visual Question Answering--the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" [Slides]

06/2018 - Successfully defending my thesis on "Transfer Learning for Intelligent Systems in the Wild" [Slides]

06/2018 - Attending CVPR for two poster presentation and doctoral consortium

02-04/2018 - Invited talks at NVIDIA, ASU, OSU, Cornell, TTIC, U of Arizona, and Facebook AI on "Transfer Learning towards Intelligent Systems in the Wild" [Slides]

03/2018 - Invited talk at Google on "Zero-shot Learning for Visual Recognition in the Wild" [Slides]

02/2018 - 2 papers accepted by CVPR 2018, and 1 paper accepted by NAACL 2018

01/2018 - Become a PhD candidate

07/2017 - 1 paper accepted by ICCV 2017

05/2017 - Summer intern in Microsoft Research Redmond

04/2017 - 1 arXiv preprint paper

04/2017 - Codes for our ECCV 2016 paper on LSTM-based video summarization are available now

01/2017 - Invited talks at NCTU, NTHU, and Academia Sinica on learning to share and zero-shot learning

10/2016 - Attending ECCV for an spotlight and poster presentation

08/2016 - Codes and data of our zero-shot learning paper in CVPR 2016 are released.

08/2016 - I will attend deep learning summer school in Montreal, CA.

07/2016 - 2 papers accepted by ECCV 2016

07/2016 - Attending CVPR for an oral and poster presentation

06/2016 - 3 arXiv preprint papers

04/2016 - 2 papers accepted by CVPR 2016