Kate Jue Wang
Kate Jue Wang
Kate Jue Wang
University of Southern California

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I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Management and Organization Department at the Marshall Business School of Southern California. I have published studies on how entrepreneurs mobilize collective political activities to shape their institutional environment. My recent research investigates the non-market strategies of entrepreneurs in the digital transforming economy and emerging industries. I have published in the Administrative Science Quarterly and act as a reviewer of the Strategic Management Journal and the Journal of Business Research.

I grew up in a small city in Liaoning province, China. I obtained my B.A. in economics and mathematics from Renmin University at Beijing. I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, and volunteering at local tutoring centers.

My Research

Studies have shown that established firms gain market benefits through slow and expensive negotiations with regulators. Such process coheres with the slow development cycle of traditional industries, such as railway industries. However, when comparing the cycle of traditional industries to that of nascent ones, the latter typically experience rapid development cycles. The rapid evolution and proliferation of new technologies and business models requires a responsive and flexible regulatory system; however, hitherto, scholars know very little about how entrepreneurs adapt to and shape this fast-changing regulatory landscape. To this end, my general research question is how entrepreneurs create and deploy political strategies to influence regulations in nascent industries. Moreover, whether these political strategies are effective

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Impact of Entrepreneurs' Political Strategies

My first line of research examines how entrepreneurs take advantage of political strategies to deal with different types of regulatory actors. The regulatory actors do not just include legislators and regulation agencies but also public supervision organizations or platforms, such as news media, social media and non-profit organizations.

Entrepreneurs' Engagement in Political Activities

My second line of research focuses on what motivates these entrepreneurs to engage in political activities. I summarized two types of motivations from these studies. First, entrepreneurs that are challenged by external factors, such as social activists and consumers' complaints, are more likely to use political strategies to repel social protests and regain consumers' trust. Second, entrepreneurs' internal market strategies will also influence how entrepreneurs arrange their political strategies.

New Lines of Research on Public Supervision

Continuing my exploration of entrepreneurs' political strategies, I find that most of existing studies are around the relationship between entrepreneurs and authority regulatory system. With the fast development of online media and review system, a lot of the firms are now subject to public supervision and firms care about their public images.



Contesting Commercialization: Political Influence, Responsive Authoritarianism, and Cultural Resistance

Yue, Lori Qingyuan, Kate Jue Wang, Botao Yang

Published in Administrative Science Quarterly


Double Agent: Boundary Entrepreneurs and Regulations of Nascent Drone Service Industry

Kate Jue Wang


Interstate Competition and State Regulations in Commercial Drone Industry

Kate Jue Wang


Offline Gathering and Online Collective Political Actions at Federal Level

Kate Jue Wang


Protests on Entrepreneur Entry Intention

Lori Yue, Rao, Hayagreeva, Kate Jue Wang


Contention and Movie Box Offices

Ming Leung , Kate Jue Wang

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My Teaching

My teaching interests include Strategy, Organizational Theory, Entrepreneurship, International Businesses and Statistical Method. In the classroom, I strive to promote an environment where I help different types of students gain the knowledge and critical thinking skills they need for their future careers.

University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business)

Strategic Management (Instructor-Undergrad level) Summer 2016 (4.16/5)

Strategic Management (Teaching Assistant) Fall 2015


Student Testimonials

Easily accessible resources (i.e. Powerpoint), readily available for problems and concerns, kind teacher Very enthusiastic and kind. Always taught with passion and made the class enjoyable and fun.

She is very understanding of student's needs and goals. I had a series of medical issues throughout the summer session and she could not have been more understanding or accommodating regarding these issues. She cares about making sure the students understand the material and uses activities to help us utilize the material and gain a better understanding.

Professor Wang is one the best professors I've had at USC Marshall thus far. She makes herself available to students during class time and office hours and is very friendly and open when interacting with us. She is able to address all our doubts, concerns, and questions about the course material. Her instruction is easy to understand and her lectures go very well with the required case and subject readings for this class. She is always upbeat and ready to teach, and provides very helpful feedback and analysis on our work.


Marshall Business School Dissertation Grants 2018

ENT 2018 Doctoral Consortium 2018

Student Research Award. Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurship 2017

Finalist for OMT Best Paper on Entrepreneurship Award, 2016

SASE Early Career Workshop Award 2016

Outstanding Graduate Award, Renmin University of China 2014

Meidi Scholarship, Renmin University of China 2013

Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Renmin University of China 2010-2014


The Drone Industry: A Novel Phenomenon for Rethinking Market Formation, Evolution, & Regulation Symposium
Monday, Aug 12 2019 3:00PM - 4:30PM
Boston Park Plaza in Berkeley, Boston, MA

This symposium brings together scholars and practitioners focused on the commercial drone/UAV industry. Through the four studies that comprise this symposium, our aim is to consider how this novel industry phenomenon can help us rethink extant theories around market formation, evolution, and regulation. In including both of the foremost academics (Maryann Feldman, UNC) and industry practitioners (Travis Mason, Airbus) around this space, our symposium aims to both advance the rigor and relevance around our understanding of this emerging yet increasingly ubiquitous industry.

Talk Preview

Macro Topics in Entrepreneurship
Tuesday, Aug 13 2019 11:30AM - 1:00PM
Boston Marriott Copley Place in Vineyard, Boston, MA

Talk Preview


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