Recent Endeavors

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Computer Science at the University of California, Riverside. My research interests span in the areas of Parallel Computing, Parallel Architectures, Hardware Accelerated Architectures and Distributed & Large Scale Database Systems. I am member of the database laboratory at UCR and currently being advised by Professor Vassilis Tsotras. I am also working in collaboration with Professor Walid Najjar's group developing database applications on FPGA accelerated Platforms.
Previously, i have been a member in the Smart Grid and FPGA/Parallel Computing Lab working under the supervision of Professor Viktor Prasanna at the University of Southern California. There, i participated in integrating power prediction models under a common API that would enable support for real time decission making during peak in energy demand. In my research, i used massively parallel architectures (i.e. GPUs) to support fast multi-dimensional and high-dimensional data processing.

Past Experiences

High Performance Computing Intern

Summer 2016
Micron Technoloy, Seattle, WA

I was hired to provide consultation in the development of parallel algorithms, mainly related to linear algebra and other numerical applications, on devices that utilize a large array of processors. My main responsibilities included benchmarking the available development tools and providing and abstract programming model for the new generation of accelerators.

Teaching Assistant

2015 - 2016
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

I was the assigned TA of CS572 - Information Retrieval & Web Search Engines where i interacted with students through Piazza and held office hours to resolve any doubts related to the course subject. My responsibilities were to get acquainted with state of the art Large Scale Information Retrieval methodologies and systems that are currrently being used in popular web-search engines, in order to answer related questions from students.

Research Assistant - FPGA/Parallel Computing Group

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

During this period, i worked on problems related to high/multi-dimensional data processing using massively parallel architectures (i.e. GPUs). I focused on designing parallel algorithms that can achieve a balance between parallelism and work-efficiency. My research work was based on creating a parallel version of the support count operator that is widely used in Data mining.

Research Assistant - Smart Grid Project

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

I have been an active member in the Los Angeles Smart Grid Regional Demonstration Program researching technologies that address the real-time challenges associated with the ever growing energy demand in large urban areas such as the city of Los Angeles. This project has been a colloboration between the University of Southern California (USC), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) and the Department of Energy (DOE). I have been one of the developers of Demand Decission Support(DDS) API which was developed using Java to provide utilities real time decission making services.

Interesting Projects

Here i present certain side projects that i developed during my gradudate studies.

Robot Swarm Simulator

Developed entirely in Java, this is an extendable simulator that allows for developing and testing robot swarm algorithms. The example algorithms already implemented are random aggregation, collision detection using velocity obstacles. I used JOGL, JavaGeom libraries for my implementation. I was inspired by an implementation that i found here. A demonstration video is available here.

Real Water Rendering

I used OpenGL to develop lake scene. My implementation was based on the tutorials found here. I extended the approach that was presented to use tesselation shaders and simulate wave movement in the surface of the water. A demonstration video is available here


Accelerating Support Count for Association Rule Mining on GPUs.

V. Zois, A. Panangadan. and V. K. Prasanna
Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW) 2016

Enabling Automated Dynamic Demand Response: From Theory to Practice.

M. Frincu, C. Chelmis,S. Aman, R. Saeed, V. Zois, V. Prasanna, C. Fern and A. Ackbari
Proceedings of the 2015 ACM Sixth International Conference on Future Energy Systems

Querying of Time Series for Big Data Analytics.

V. Zois, C. Chelmis and V. Prasanna
Handbook of Research on Innovative Database Query Processing Techniques (2015)

Integrated Platform for Automated Sustainable Demand Response in Smart Grids.

V. Zois, M. Frincu, V. Prasanna
2nd IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems (IWIES) (2014)

Ef´Čücient Customer Selection for Sustainable Demand Response in Smart Grids.

V. Zois, M. Frincu, C. Chelmis, M. R. Saeed, V. Prasanna
5th International Green Computing Conference (IGCC) (2014)

Skills & Proficiency

C/C++ & Java & Python

CUDA & OpenMP & MPI & Pthreads

Hadoop & HTable & MapReduce

Distributed Systems & Database Systems

Algorithm Design & Linear Algebra

OpenGL & Android & Matlab & Go