Virtual Model Home

A Virtual Reality Model Customization Application


Virtual Model Home is a virtual reality application to help the user in search of his dream home. The application allows the user to customize wall/floor textures and colors to the user's liking.

This application is developed using Unity. We are a team of students who are passionate about solving real world problems with use of technologies which are rapidly growing in the software market. We can proudly say that we have accomplished our goal successfully in this project.




Bhavana Ravi

Chittaranjan Gutha

Nitisha Donthi

Revanth Rayala

Surya Chirravuri

Vickram Pentyala

Vignendra Jannela

Vivek Chava


Provide the user with teleportation feature for ease of moving around the home. Destination points for teleportation across barriers.


Texture Customization

Provide user with a catalogue of wall and floor textures to choose from. Ease of selection functionaity. Change textures for single or all walls in a few clicks.


Preset Selection

Reorient and remodel your home in a single click. Let's the user see the extent to which e house can be modeled.


Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic Lighting is one of the key features in the application. The user can adjust the lighting of the house according to his choice.


Wall Texture Coloring

Wall Textures can be even further customized by changing the color as per the users choice from the Color Picker Wheel as soon as the user selects the appropriate Texture.


Interactable Objects

The Interactable objects feature enables the user to pick/place the objects across the house.Not all objects are interactable.