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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Everyone today talks about conserving energy and going back to the nature, but how many people manage to implement that in reality? The fact that appealed to me the most about my educational background is that it uses principles and theories from a variety of disciplines like engineering, ecology, computers and architecture; it actually manages to address some of the most relevant issues of energy crisis that the world is facing. Although this statement might sound clichéd and is brandied about quite regularly, I have always wanted to contribute my bit to the society and to the world. What better way to do it than to integrate it into ones profession, in such a dynamic, creative way. 

For me a job is not just a step up in my career, it’s about deciding who I am going to be known for, for the rest of my life. I have the dedication and enthusiasm to do a good job. With a strong foundation, an open mind and an excellent grasping power, I strongly believe that I can work on a any project with aplomb.