Vinay Padmanabhi

Masters Student, Department of Computer Science
University of Southern California


Me now.

I am from Bangalore and have stayed there all my life before coming to Los Angeles for my graduate studies. Bangalore is a lovely city indeed.
Right now i'm doing my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Me then.

I did my schooling in Sri Kumaran Children's Home and did my 11th and 12th in Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College. I did my Bachelors in Computer Science at PES Institute of Technology.

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Happy new year to everybody and have a great 2011!


Operating Systems Development
Web Development
Sensor Networks/Socket Programming
iPhone Development
Android Development

Operating Systems Development. (Course CSCI-402 at USC)

  • Building and improving the Nachos Operating System by providing functionality for Thread Management, Multi-Programming, Memory Management (Virtual Memory and Demand Paging) and Remote Procedure Calls for running Distributed Applications.
  • Simulation of a Restaurant on Nachos making use of all the above added functionalities.

WEB Development

Application that allows users to retrieve stock data from finance website and post it to their Facebook Wall.


Remote Patient Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Networks, (Research Associate at PESIT)

  • Part of a team that developed a Patient Monitoring System using Wireless Sensors that could measure various parameters like Temperature, Pulse Rate etc.
  • This Project was among the best five projects chosen from the batch of 2010.

Socket Programming - Simulation of a Library System. (Course: EE450 at USC)

  • Implemented a system consisting of a Central Database, Libraries and Users using TCP/UDP for communication.


Designed and developed graphical parts of the application by making use of OpenGL APIs.


Mobile Application to publish a story and an image onto Facebook Wall.




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