Victoria Sun


Victoria Sun

Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials

3651 Watt Way
VHE 710
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1211

Selected Publications List:

1. V. Sun, A. M. Armani, "Real-time detection of lipid bilayer assembly and detergent-initiated solubilization", Applied Physics Letters 106 (7), 071103 (2015).

2. Wagner, A. M.; Knezevic, C. E.; Wall, J. L.; Sun, V. L.; Buss, J. A.; Allen, L. T.; Wenzel, A. G. "A copper(II)-catalyzed, sequential Michael-aldol reaction for the preparation of 1,2-dihydroquinolines", Tetrahedron Letters 53:833-836 (2011).

3. Gutierrez, E. G.; Moorhead, E. J.; Smith, E. H.; Lin, V.; Ackerman, L. K. G.; Sun, V.; Grant, S.; Wenzel, A. G. "Electron-Withdrawing, Biphenyl-2,2'-diol-Based Compounds for Asymmetric Catalysis", European Journal of Organic Chemistry 16:3027-3031 (2010).