Victoria Sun


Victoria Sun

Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials

3651 Watt Way
VHE 710
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1211


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, USC, Aug 2011 - Present.
M.S. Chemical Engineering, USC, Aug 2011 - May 2013.
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, Aug 2009 - May 2011.
B.A. Engineering, Minor: Studio Art, Scripps College, Aug 2006 - Dec 2008.


Los Angeles Chapter ASM Scholarship, 04/2013
Achievement Reward for College Scientists (ARCS), 2012-2013 and 2013-2014
Rose Hills Fellow, 09/2011 - Present
Wallace K. Grubman-Graham Scholar, 09/2009 - 05/2011

Undergraduate Research Experience

Protein and Metabolic Engineering Lab - Prof. Scott Banta, 01/2010 - 05/2011.
The goal of this project was to engineer TAT-mediated delivery across the plasma membrane. Phage display technology was used to express the TAT peptide onto the pIII and pVIII coat proteins of bacteriophage. The implementation of directed evolution using phage display technology was further investigated in a project to engineer a beta roll motif, which is of interest in engineering scaffolds for molecular recognition. In order to find mutant beta roll binders, a library of randomized positions on the beta roll was constructed to observe target binding and releasing in the presence and absence of calcium.

Organic Chemistry Lab - Prof. Anna G. Wenzel, 10/2008 - 08/2009.
Efforts were aimed at developing an effective synthetic route using a tandem Michael addition-aldol condensation reaction. The project involved optimizing a four-step synthesis for preparing the commercially unavailable substrates, 1, 2-unsaturated carbonyls, resulting in a percent yield increase from 32% to 76%. In addition, two protecting groups for the aminobenzaldehyde were investigated to determine the optimal conditions for the Michael-aldol reaction. Upon investigating the Boc-protected aminoaldehyde, a new, economically efficient, and high yield (97%) process was developed.

Community Involvement

Editor/Reviewer, Columbia Science Review, New York, NY (09/2009 - 05/2011).
Columbia Science Review is a literary magazine that publishes current scientific, technological and mathematical discoveries made both within the Columbia community and beyond. [link]

Tutor, Community Impact GED Program, New York, NY (09/2010 - 05/2011).
The Community Impact General Equivalency Diploma (GED) program helps adults achieve high school equivalency diplomas and move on to college and employment. [link]