professional bio

Swaroop Venu

swaroop venu

I'm a Computer Science Masters student at USC, i like to write clean and reusable code. Apart from that I'm an artist, tree hugger and Elon Musk Fan.

Looking for opportunities where i can learn and grow in every day work.


University of Southern California
Masters in Computer Science
Los Angeles, CA
2015 - Dec 2016
PES Institute of Technology.
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science
Bengaluru, India
2008 - 2012

Work Experience
Role: PHP intern
Los Angeles, CA
May 2016 - Aug 2016
Communications global business unit
Title: Member of Technical staff
Role: Software Developer
Bengaluru, India
July 2012 – Nov 2014

Recent Projects

How much did it rain ii
Chrome extension: faster google search
Crawling and Deduplication of Weapons Images using Apache Nutch and Apache Tika
Logistic regression: Investigated the data from the Titanic disaster.
Handwritten numbers recognition
Ebay search mashup (CSCI 571)