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Swaroop Venu

swaroop venu

I'm a Computer Science Masters student at USC, I'm passionate about solving problems through technology, also i like to write clean and reusable code.

I enjoy learning new things and sharing knowledge, I have work experience of 2.5 years in Oracle India. I’m comfortable with Java, web technologies and interested in roles related to Big Data, distributed systems, Software and data engineering. Looking for opportunities where i can learn and grow in every day work.


University of Southern California
Masters in Computer Science
Los Angeles, CA
2008 - 2012
PES Institute of Technology.
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science
Bengaluru, India
2015 - 2016

Work Experience
Role: Backend intern
Los Angeles, CA
May 2016 – Aug 2016
Communications global business unit
Title: Member of Technical staff
Role: Software Developer
Bengaluru, India
July 2012 – Nov 2014

Recent Projects

How much did it rain ii
Chrome extension: faster google search
Crawling and Deduplication of Weapons Images using Apache Nutch and Apache Tika
Logistic regression: Investigated the data from the Titanic disaster.
Handwritten numbers recognition
Ebay search mashup (CSCI 571)