OM Greeting Cards

Features of Om Greeting Card Applet

The web-based applet allows a user to design his choice of greeting
cards for any occasion with an option of adding a personal touch to it.
A user is given the option of choosing from a set of pre-designed
cards or customize the design according to his preferences. Initially,
a set of cards pre-designed cards are displayed to the user, who
either chooses from these options or can decide to create a new card
design.The user gets to choose from a variety of customized options like
fixed size/custom size,background color,editable text,image to be chosen.
Based on this selection a final output can be viewed by user.

>Instructions to follow to use the

Step1:Choose if you want to use a standard template of customized template
Step 2:Choose which page you want to design
Step 3:Click the Ok button and proceed to next set of options based on your selection
Step 4:

  • If you have chosen the Standard template option, you will get a list of standard themes to choose from
    viz. Birthday, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and Anniversary.Once you have made a selection, click OK to proceed and Back to go back
  • But if you have chosen the Customized template option, you will get to choose from options like Size( Fixed / Custom), Background color
    editable Text-area,Image chooser.

Step 5: Choose a different view and repeat the same steps

To check the java documentation please click here

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