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About USCience Review

USCience Review is an undergraduate-run online-only science magazine that publishes student-written review articles about a variety of scientific topics. The mission of this magazine is to increase awareness of recent advances and discoveries and to elucidate the scientific phenomena that play a role in a broad spectrum of fields, including medicine, biological sciences, environmental sciences, and others. Along with articles about general scientific topics, USCience features news stories about science-related events occuring at USC as well as Mini Insights that illustrate the scientific mechanisms that are involved in everyday life.

Call for Research Manuscript Submissions

Starting in the Spring 2013 semester at the University of Southern California, in addition to publishing review articles written by undergraduate staff writers, USCience Review will be accepting submissions of research manuscripts from students who are currently undergraduates, master's students, or post-baccalaureate students at USC. Students who graduated in Fall 2012 or Spring 2012 are also eligible to submit papers for publication. USCience Review will publish exemplary research papers from any scientific field. Accepted research papers will be published online as original reports in USCience Review.

Please go over the Submission Guidelines to determine your eligibility to submit a manuscript. While preparing your paper for submission to USCience Review, use the Submission Guidelines to ensure that you are following the manuscript instructions and to confirm that your paper fulfills the requirements and the formatting guidelines. If you are planning to submit a paper to USCience Review, even if you have not yet started writing it, please submit the Intent to Submit form. There is no deadline to submit that form for the Fall 2013 semester but we encourage you to submit it as soon as possible. You can submit your finalmanuscript through the online submission form. Papers will be accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline to submit a manuscript for the Fall 2013 semester is September 30, 2013.


Sarah Waliany

Editorial Board

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Megan Trieu

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Olivia Gardner

Associate Editor: Isabel Shen

Associate Editor: Janie Chen

Associate Editor: Kelly Chung

Associate Editor: Marcela Hasbun


Giulia Lopomo

Hannah Friesen

Kylie Morgan

Madeleine Heller

Megan Herring

Nicole Basler

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Nelson (Eugene) Bickers


Sarah Waliany

Former Editors

Sarah Waliany (Founder and Editor-in-Chief)

Annie Wang (Associate Editor)

Christine Nagy (Associate Editor)

Jacqueline Kurth (Associate Editor)

Jordan Altaras (Associate Editor)

Pavitra Krishnamani (Associate Editor)

Tripti Gupta (Associate Editor)

Former Writers

Astgik Amy Demirchyan (Writer)

Bronte Yang (Writer)

Christine Choi (Writer)

Harmony Phuong Huynh (Writer)

Hemalatha Bhamidi (Writer)

Lauren Fox (Writer)

Makana Krulce (Writer)

Nahel Kapadia (Writer)

Nicole Runkle (Writer)

Victoria Saadat (Writer)

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