Quantified Self Projects

Fall 2017: What-If Analysis

My data resolution for 2017 was to build a What-if tool - an interactive analysis where I could test different scenarios and understand the effects.

Using the same scoring system representing life satisfaction that I developed earlier, I was able to motivate myself and develop informed quantitative goals.

Next, I am thinking of applying what I've learned to create simulations for the UN Millenium Development Goals.

Fall 2016: Personal Dashboard

For several years, I’ve been developing a comprehensive quantified self system in the form of a game. I award and subtract points for performance related to eight areas of life. This dashboard shows my scores over time. I update and review it monthly.

Spring 2016: Dream Analysis in R

Self-quantifying is the tracking of one's biological, physical, or behavioral information. It consists of data acquisition through technology (wearable sensors, mobile apps, software interfaces...), and subsequent statistical analysis.

Over the past few years, self-quantifying has evolved into a movement where people around the world get together and present their experiences and findings.

In our meetings at Quantified Self LA, presentations can include reviewing a tracking app or device, demonstrating an analytics tool that can be applied to self quantification, getting feedback on study design, or presenting findings. Come check us out!