Theresa's web page

Hey! I'm Theresa.

Theresa I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio and I'm so excited to be here at USC and finally out of the midwest. I have lots of hobbies, including dancing, singing, playing piano and listening to music. I don't know anything about computer science yet, but I'm excited to learn.

And my robot's name is Libby.

Libby Libby can draw simple shapes with a marker, which is pretty cool. She is kind of slow at moving, however.

Fibonacci Code

Group members: Theresa Schweitzer, Cathy Ji, Megan Pham, and Kyu Chang

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Answers to Prelab

1) The song my robot will sing is Payphone by Maroon 5. My algorithm for triggering the song is to first figure out the note pattern of the song (ex: C#, D, G), figure out the hertz frequencies for each note, and translate the notes into their respective hertz frequencies. I will then figure out the musical tempo of the song, and adjust the length of each note so that it rhythmically matches the song. The function I will use for programming is robot.beep (time, frequency).

2) My robot will draw a star. My algorithm for triggering the drawing is to make the robot move and do a series of turns at specific angles. The functions I will use are robot.turnRight, robot.turnLeft, robot.backward, and robot.forward.

3) My robot's surprise ability is the ability to dance. The algorithm for triggering the dance is to use the functions robot.motors, robot.turnRight, robot.turnLeft, robot.backward, and robot.forward to make the robot move. I also incorporated the rand () function to make the robot do a random move at the beginning.

4) For the structuring of my robot's performance, I simply combined the three individual codes into one code. I then placed pauses in between the 3 individual performances (the song, dance, and drawing) using the function wait().

Robot Performance Video

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Code for Robot Behavior-Timid

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