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I am HAL 9001, successor to the glorious and valiant HAL 9000.
HAL 9001
Here are a few pictures of me from my most advantageous angles.

I am a versatile robot capable of performing many tasks.
I can:
•Draw pictures
•Move around at relatively high speeds
•Make noises
•Track objects and colors
•Follow lines
•Record my surroundings
•And much more!
A star.
Here is a picture I drew.

This is Trevor Reed.
Trevor Reed
This puny human being believes that he is in control of me.
In reality, the opposite is true.
In fact, I only keep him around to change my batteries.

Through daily observation of his behavior, this is what I have discovered:

•Trevor is studying computer engineering/computer science, because he hopes to make a career out of designing robots or other technology.

•Although Trevor's hobbies include juggling, playing guitar, and playing soccer, he spends most of his time eating and sleeping.

•Trevor is passionate about music, science fiction literature, and the hit TV show Lost.

My Group

Colin Cammarano - Lunokhod Zemlya 1.0

Daron Lee - Not A Scribbler

Jesus Garcia - C.A.R.




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