Team Trokey / Fall 2017



Go on an adventrue with Trokey (Trojan Monkey) from USC to UCLA by defeating monsters and conquering arduous environments by motivating Trokey with rythmic beats. Can you beat the monsters along the way and spread the Trojan spirits at UCLA? Let's find out!

About Out Game


Once upon a time, there was a music world. Every actions become more powerful with music. However, the world is occupied by evil monsters. A little monkey, Trokey, wants to safe the world by utilizing his music super power. To achieve this goal, TroKey has to become stronger to beat monsters with music! So his adventure starts...


The game has various terrains and various enemies for each terrain. TroKey has to fight the enemies, and win over all of them. TroKey follows the tempo bar music for fighting with the enemies. If he wins over UCLA, it’s cool or else he will keep on playing.



Ice Land



When the game starts, a tempo bar will show with music.

Try to hit at the correct tempo!

To beat the enemies, TroKey has to attack or defense with tempo! All the actions work like Scissors Stone Cloth.

Attack: beat ultimate attack

Defense: beat attack

Ultimate Attack: beat defense

Counter Attack: beat attack & ultimate attack

Our Team

Kanupriya Yakhmi

Mengshu Wu

Meng-Chieh Lin

Michael Cheng

Ting-Hsuan(Vivian) Lin

Yenhsuan(Terry) Chen