Teng Lu


About Me
I am a graduate student in the University of Southern California currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science (Game Development). To learn the details of my education and experience please click on my LinkedIn profile.

My Interests
Game development, game design, programming and computer in general, and of course video games!

C/C++, C#, Java, Microsoft Visual Studio, Game Development pipeline, 3D Rendering pipeline, Core Computer Science concepts

A third person bio:
Teng (Ben) Lu is currently a Masters student in USC pursuing a Masters in Computer Science (Game Development). At the present Teng is interning as a Production Associate at ZQGame Inc. on The Lost Titans and Shadowlands Online 2 as well as two other unannounced projects. In the past he has worked with the US Department of Energy in a serious recruitment game as well as with the Information Sciences Institute on PedWorks, a research project aimed to teach science and math to middle and high school students through game making. In his school time Teng is working as a Gameplay Engineer for Core Overload. While Teng comes from a programming background he has a deep interest in game design and game production as well. When Teng is not busy coding and debugging to squash the next bug he can be found playing a wide variety of video games ranging from classics like Baldur's Gate 2 to new titles such as Guild Wars 2. Teng is currently seeking a full time position as a Game Programmer, Game Producer, or Tech Producer.

Phone: 913-912-9412