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Homework 6

The following are the answers from the Design document

Topic Description:
I.ll be explaining the characteristics and uses of Vectors for organizing and manipulating data. To do so, created a mini-game like Simon Says that uses vectors to challenge the player and track information.
Program Description:
-The program will have the robot play, randomly , a sequence of high or low notes. The player will respond with a responding sequence, using a visual interface. The response will be evaluated (the vector holding robot.s notes will be compared to that holding the human responses). If correct, the robot adds another random note to the sequence (high note or low), and the human will be prompted to respond again. When the player incorrectly enters a note, the game ends, and the player.s score is inserted correctly into a high-score list.
-If time allows, I.ll add an extra, optional level of difficulty to the game (changing the interface as the player plays).
Human Computer Interface:
-The human-computer interface will have the player choose options, using a graphical interface. The player can always choose to go back a step in the menu.
-The player will have the option to view highscore or start game
-If starting game, player can choose difficulty
-Once game starts, player can choose high note or low until he or she reaches the number of notes in the sequence.
-For each of these, I will have pictures uploaded, and each .step. of the menu will be a new graphical window drawn.
Evaluating HCI:
-Will be using getMouse() and evaluating the mouse position to determine which graphical option is being chosen.
-User interaction for the game will also be using arrow keys to input their responses. These will be visually represented on screen, and the response can be altered (adding, inserting, deleting).
-This will be a vector with information that will be read into a graphical interface (up or down arrows, visually).
---If spot is null, and up or down pressed, character added. ---If not null, and up or down pressed, character inserted (pushback);
---If left or right pressed, change which vector is being looked at (change selector graphic)
---If delete pressed, delete character (shift all down)
---If player clicks enter, response then evaluated.
Description of collecting user interaction Information:
-Will be saving name and highscore, each components of a class created by the user.
Evaluation report based on user data:
-High scores and names will be score in a text file

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Some screenshots, too
demo1 demo2 My lab partners were:
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Zach Ameri
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