The Problems Without Passports Program

Problems Without Passports (PWP) is a program through the USC College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences that offers students a unique opportunity to travel abroad and study a pressing global issue. A range of programs are available: the PWP courses encompass a broad range of disciplines - from Anthropology to International Relations, and take place around the world. Not limited to students in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, these classes provide a unique setting for students to engage on an international level, and can serve as an enriching supplement or alternative to the semester abroad.


One of the two PWP courses offered by the Environmental Studies department, ENST 485: The Role of the Environment in the Collapse of Human Societies - The Ancient Mayan Civilization, takes place in country of Belize in Central America. Taking an interdisciplinary approach - incorporating environmental studies, archaeology, anthropology, geology, chemistry, and history, this class examines how humans have interacted with their environments throughout time and, in turn, how the environment has impacted humans.

See the above links for more information on the class syllabus, Belize, the PWP experience, tuition, and how to sign up for ENST 485.