USAR Training Exercise

Pre Lab:

1: Our algorithm for finding robots is to divide the space into quadrants, and each search within our given quadrant. The way my code works is to take photos throughout the area, and after taking all of the pictures, checking to see where there might have been a robot, and saving the pictures that may have contained a robot to a separate array from the original that stores all of the photos of the area.

2: My robot navigates based on a modified WASD control system, which includes a manual diagnostics check to see if something has gone awry.

3: My robot takes a photo every time that it moves forward, and has the option for me to manually take a photo if I feel it necessary.

4: The way we map is that we plot points where we think robots are, based on our pictures, for each of our quadrants, and then we create a composite of all of these potential robots.

The code I used

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