Suman Kashyap

Graduate Student,
University of Southern California
This was a research project under the guidance of Advanced technological services team, SunGard. With the rise of multiple types of NoSQL technologies in 2012, an organization always had a tough time analyzing what suits the need of the company for its data management. The key focus of this project was to analyze two key-value stores - HBase and Cassandra and two document-oriented stores - MongoDB and CouchDB. Analysis of the performance, latency ∧ scalability of these data stores using Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark tool
Stock Brokerage management tool implemented in Visual Basic and MySQL backend
Seminar on Optimizations using Gimple in GCC.
Developed Weather Forecast Application. Full stack web development
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Automated the search and indexing workflow for the NetBackup Search product
Worked in the security team to eliminate security vulnerabilities in NetBackup
Developed automation to report security vulnerability on multiple test systems and automated report generation
Revamped the logging infrastructure of NetBackup vault to create logs with user context