Suman Kashyap

Graduate Student,
University of Southern California
Symantec ,Software Engineer, NetBackup (2014-2015)

I was working as a developer in the security team of Symantec NetBackup (now Veritas NetBackup). Aiming to remove the security vulnerability in the product I developed scripts that would be run in all developers and customer setup and constantly report the vulnerability reports on their systems. This enabled tracking the progress of the projects
Revamped the logging infrastructre of NetBackup Vault to enable client role specific logs
Helped the QA team with test cycles for the feature.

Active contributer to the Test Automation framework used by NetBackup
Actively participated in NetBackup & 7.7 Beta program to answer customer queries with early installation & configuration
Recieved multiple Applause-II for contribution towards automation & Customer interaction during the NetBackup Beta programs
Mentored new hires in the team

Symantec , Associate Software Engineer, NetBackup (2012-2014)

I was working as a developer in the Symantec's NetBackup Search Team (now Veritas NetBackup). Developed the test automation for the Search Product and integrated it with the in-house test automation tool
Maintained hardware setups for the team
Tested application support of NetBackup for applications like Oracle-SAP and MS Exchange ( CCR)
Developed rudimentary test automation for NetBackup application support with Oracle-SAP
Recieved Applause - III for contribution to Automation

SunGard Global Services, Advanced Technology Services Division Project Intern ( Research Project) 2011-2012

Project Title : Benchmarking and Analysis of NoSQL Technologies using YCSB The project was motivated by the need to choose the perfect NoSQL solution that matches the need of the organization. We analyzed the NoSQL datastores like MongoDB, CouchDB, Apache Cassandra and HBase using Yahoo's Cloud Serving Benchmark Tool (YCSB)