Suhani Vyas

Computer Science.
           Graduate Student.
                   University Of Southern California.
                                Once a Trojan always a Trojan.

About Me

Computers held a great fascination for me during my childhood. As a child, I was led to believe that there was a magic behind the computer games, quick calculations, and word processing. Of course, I soon realized that the truth was far less magical, and there were codes and algorithms based on logic behind the games and calculation.

Despite this knowledge, computer science did not lose its fascination and the image of logical codes and algorithms still remains.

I knew my hunger for more knowledge will be satiated only when I've learnt all there is to learn about computer science. So I went to USC to pursure my masters in computer science and graduated in May 2016.


Masters of Computer Science

University of Southern California,CA


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

Rajasthan Technical University, India



Student Programmer

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center-Informatics

Developed and maintained research database applications used by researchers for studies conducted at the Cancer center.
Used SQL, VB.NET, CAFE Framework (Common Application Framework Extensible).

May 2015 -August 2015

Software Developer Intern

Indian Space Research Organization, India

Worked in a team of 5 to develop a software application using Python for image-processing algorithms used for Digital Signal processing.
Algorithms involved basic operations like cropping, image enhancement to complex operations like Image Stitching.
Co-chaired the ‘Women of Technology’ event held for more than 30 female interns.

June 2012 - July 2012

Student Technical Assistant

ITS Learning Environments,USC

Providing first-level support for Classroom and Computing Center operations
Troubleshooting classroom technical problems
Reporting and escalating problems to supervisors
Cleaning, and generally providing a welcoming environment for faculty and students.

Oct 2014 - May 2016


Mancala Game-Adversarial Search

Developed a Java-based game-playing agent to determine the next best move for a player in the 2 players African game called Mancala.

Used the Mini-Max algorithm with Alpha-Beta pruning to determine the next move for a player so as to maximize the chance of winning from a given board configuration, using game trees.

Lonely Blob- 2D Puzzle Platform Game

Developed a mobile game in which user can control the blob which can detach parts of its body to create platforms to jump over and reattach them to its body.

Goal of the game is to arrive to a goal in a higher part of the map avoiding traps such as spikes, drainers, moving blades. Used Unity 3D game engine.

eBay Shopping - Website and Android Application

Developed a website and an android application for searching items on sale using Amazon Web Services and eBay API.

Technology Used: Android SDK, Android studio, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, jQuery, AWS, eBay and Facebook API

Implementation of a Monolithic Kernel, WEENIX

Worked in a team of four students to implement Weenix OS, a non-preemptive monolithic kernel.

Implemented threads, processes, scheduling, context switching and synchronization in kernel space.

USC Campus Information Tracking System

Developed an application that queries a spatial database to find out information like nearest stop, given a location and distance between various landmarks like buildings and tram stops on the USC Campus Map.

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