Subhankar Ghosh

Hi, I am Subhankar, a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics, University of Southern California. My advisor is Prof. Larry Goldstein.

Research interests

I am mainly interested in probability theory. Presently I am working on distributional approximation problems using Stein's method.


Lp bounds for a combinatorial central limit theorem with involutions, submitted.

(Joint with Larry Goldstein) Concentration of measures via size biased couplings, Probability Theory and Related Fields, 149, 271-278.

(Joint with Larry Goldstein)Applications of size biased couplings for concentration of measures, Electronic Communications in Probability, 16, pp 70-83.

(Joint with Larry Goldstein, Martin Raic) Concentration of measure for the number of isolated vertices in the Erdös-Rényi random graph by size bias couplings, to appear in Statistics and Probability Letters.