Build Massive Subwoofers for your dorm room!
Make subwoofers for you dorm room that are only designed for cars.

Massive Subs Made Easy

Idea: Create a sound system worthy of the gods for your dorm by installing a subwoofer intended for full sized vehicles. The subwoofer is designed to rock a limo but when put into a dorm room, it literally shakes the foundations.

Problem: There are two kinds of elecricity that are commonly used for powering electronics; Alternating Current and Direct Current. Direct Current, first endorsed by Thomas Edison, is designed for transmitting high voltage across short distances. Most high power electronics, such as computers, air conditioners, and video game systems, use direct current. However, every American wall outlet uses alternating current, which is used for transmitting low voltages across long distances. As a result, you need a power converter to account for the difference.

Solution: Electronics in vehicles run on DC and so the subwoofer was designed to be used as such. Because of this we had to attach two 600 watt power supplies to two 2.0 farad capacitors. The capacitors take the place of a car battery and feeds power directly to the sub.

The picture above is of the capacitors, the power supplies, and the amplifier.The acrylic box around it is to protect people from accidentally touching the wires. There are around 120 amps of current running through the wires when the subwoofer is in full force. Thats roughly 2400 times the amount that is needed to kill a man.

The picture above is of the subwoofers. This model is 2400 watts.