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Steven T. Jackson


I live in the Seattle area. My educational background ranges widely from math and astronomy to computer information systems and business. I completed my first two years of college at Sierra College where I had the privilege of participating in a NASA Getaway Special project. The experiments onboard included an attempt to tag insulin in a microgravity environment and taking measurements of the ozone layer from orbit. I designed and manufactured parts and wrote machine code for the onboard computer. I am currently employed at AT&T and my role is reporting E911 caller location accuracy to the FCC at the national level. I have an extensive background in software development and I have utilized my expertise to automate and streamline processes for my team. My interests are many, with skiing, sailing, photography and the great outdoors at the top of the list.

My status in the GIS Masterís program is successful completion of four classes. I am currently taking the remaining two courses required for my Masterís, this course and Geog 582, Spatial Databases. I remain undecided regarding the topic of my thesis. I am interested in GIS because I am fascinated with how people choose to represent reality to themselves and each other. I like to think about spatial problems and how best to visualize them.

I am interested in Web GIS because the web has become the de facto source of information for many people today. My company, AT&T, relies on web applications for both internal and external information sharing. My immediate expectation for how I will make use of the knowledge from this program is to help me in my job. We do not currently have a means of showing other teams and upper management the E911 metrics on a map. We as a team must often provide critical analysis of the performance of the E911 system and a web-based map would be extremely helpful. My near-term career goal is to make a contribution to the advancement of emergency communications. My long-term career goal is to expand my horizons into robotics and research.

I helped to implement a tool that will show E911 test calls on a map and it is a web-based application. I would really like to create a web GIS application that would allow the user to ask for various E911 metrics and to visualize them in different, useful ways.


You can e-mail me at: stevejac [at] usc [dot] edu